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    Putting off training because of budget constraints?

    Everyone is hurting these days, including you. We get it. That's why our services are priced based on the reality that you have an ever-shrinking budget, yet a growing demand for knowledge and help.

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    Need budget friendly election services without sacrificing quality?

    You shouldn't have to choose between your time, your money, and quality...now you don't have to. ElectionIQ is here to help.


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    Finally, a choice in election services.

    For decades you've been beholden to the manufacturer for service and training. Not any more. Now you have another option. ElectionIQ: industry-experience and expertise, industry-leading service, cost-effective pricing.


"Regardless of the type of machine used at a polling place, the key to a successful election is: How well does the election workforcefrom professional elections officials to volunteer poll workersdo their jobs?"

-Mary G. Wilson, President, League of Women Voters

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Welcome to ElectionIQ

Our priority is making sure you have the knowledge and confidence to succeed. ElectionIQ was created to bring you the highest quality election services at a budget-friendly price. Our years of election experience, in both the public and private sectors, make us the logical choice for all of your training and election management needs.

What sets us apart

ElectionIQ was created by former election training staff members. We founded our company based on the need for election officials to have more choices in who they get services from. ElectionIQ is not an equipment manufacturer or sales company. We focus on training and election services. Our staff has years of experience in elections, both in the public and private sectors. As a result we understand the challenges you face. We strive to remain flexible and adaptable. Therefore, all of our services are customized to meet your specific situation and needs.

What we offer

ElectionIQ offers a wide array of customized services for election officials and their staffs. We support and train on election software, hardware, and procedures. Our experienced staff members are available to consult on everything including Election Day procedures, training curricula, database programming, ballot layout, and more.